Water Circuit: Village Pump

Principles of Science: Fluid Motion, Hydrostatic Pressure

Push the handle of the pump up and down to move the water from one location to another.

When the handle is up, the piston in the tube moves up and a valve at the bottom of the pump opens. Water is drawn into the tube. When the handle is moved down, a valve at the top of the piston opens and the valve at the bottom closes. This allows the piston to move down through the water. A pump works on the principle of pressure. Fluids move from high pressure to low pressure. When the handle is lifted, a low pressure area is created within the pump. The water in the well is a higher pressure, and so is pushed up into the low pressure pump area.

A small village pump can be used to raise drinking water out of a deep well. Larger pumps are used to draw water out of Lake Michigan to provide people with drinking water.